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Our Services

Video Production

To produce the highest standards of quality in film and video services, we must first ensure that our planning and preparation process prior to the “Film Day”, is as detailed and thoughtful as possible, therefore, assuring that the ultimate product is as professional and captivating as intended. For that reason, the budgeting, creative and organizational aspects of the pre-production planning are essential to the ultimate execution of a satisfying project in which all the processes of the film or video have been taken into account. This allow us to maintain the highest return in customer satisfaction while rewarding us with a quality product from which everyone can be proud of. At Fabull, we strive for quality, and our video production services for sure don’t lack any of it.

Video Edition

Using Final Cut X and Adobe Premiere, we can edit and post produce your audiovisual messages from multiple angles, platforms and perspectives. We also have the entire Adobe Creative Suit to adjust and energize our graphics to the demands of your needs.

Photography Studio

Using Canon 5D’s and Canon 60D’s, we have a variety of prime and telephoto lenses that can truly adjust to the look that you are looking for; to include the in depth focus that you might be looking for. We have a team of professional photographers that can help you in the coverage of multiple events, as well as in the production of specific photographic art. Some of our clients include PlayStation and CMN (Cardenas Marketing Group).

Wedding Photography

Wedding videography and photography are some of our specialties. We love to film weddings. Nothing makes us happier than to see and cover events that make other people happy. Therefore, we offer a broad range of services and packages for the wedding couple and its family members and friends. From one single camera packages to two cameras for video and photo, we adjust to your budget to ensure that you have the best video and photo quality at your wedding, and that no moment goes unseen. Our cameras will be seeing you during the entire process, and our professional filmmakers will make sure that every frame counts and that all our customers are satisfied. Some of our clients includes Paulina Rubio, a Spanish Pop Singer whose wedding we covered in Mexico at the Xcaret Resort in Playa del Carmen. The ultimate product came to be fantastic. See some of our work, and tell us if you like it.

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